Leaking Water Heater? When To Call a Plumber

Leaking Water Heater? When To Call a Plumber

Leaking Water Heater? When To Call a Plumber A leaking water heater can cause a lot of headaches. Not to mention increased water bills. While toilets and pipes are the most common, water heater leaks are a likely source of wasted water, accounting for about 90 gallons lost every day in 10% of American homes. […]

Tank Vs. Tankless Water Heaters – Which is Right For Your Home?

Tank or Tankless Water Heater

Which Is Best for Your Sun Valley Home? Tankless or Tank Water Heater? Tank water heaters, commonly known as storage tank water heaters, have been the most frequently used since Edward Ruud invented the first automatic storage water heater in 1889. Before then people relied on fire or hot springs to provide hot water for bathing […]

What’s a Recirculating Pump & Why Your Fountain Hills Home May Needs One

Recirculating Pump Services From Shadrach

Hot Water Recirculating Pumps: What Are They & Why You May Need One If it seems you’re always waiting for water to get hot at the faucet or shower, you may want to consider a water recirculating pump for your Fountain Hills or Sun Valley area home. Running excessive water is not only wasteful, increasing the […]

DIY Hacks to Try Before Calling a Plumber

plumber fountain hills, az

Some plumbing challenges can be handled by most homeowners in Fountain Hills without calling a licensed plumber. However, should you have a major water leak, stoppage or a burst water heater, the expert plumbers at Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling have the skills and knowledge to fix your problem quickly and efficiently.  If you want to […]

Water Softeners vs. Water Conditioners – What’s the Difference?

water softeners

Some consumers may mistakenly use the terms water softener and water conditioner interchangeably. While there may be some similarities between the two, they have different functions and applications. In the Fountain Hills area of the Valley of the Sun, water conditioning is important, but a water softener may be a better choice for you.  First, […]

Why Plumbing Inspections Are Important

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Most would agree that it’s smart to have a home’s plumbing system inspected before making an offer to purchase. What you might not know is that regular plumbing inspections are always a great idea. If you’re proactive and have drain pipes, water lines and fixtures inspected regularly, you’ll possibly avoid the unexpected burst water heater, […]

Plumber or DIY? How to Determine How Serious Your Plumbing Issue Is

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Clogged drains or toilets, leaky faucets or pipes, low water pressure or water heater issues are the most typical plumbing challenges homeowners face. Each of these problems has a unique solution, and the variables in every situation may also be many. So how can a homeowner in Fountain Hills know whether he or she should […]

Steps to Take When Your Toilet Won’t Stop Running

toilet wont stop running? Call Shadrach

4 Things to Do Immediately If Your Toilet Won’t Stop Running Even the most well-maintained home can experience a plumbing emergency from time to time. If you’re unlucky enough to find yourself with a toilet that won’t stop running, it can be costly, frustrating and inconvenient. Because it’s using water continuously, a toilet that won’t […]

Inspections on Your Plumbing & Air Conditioning System

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Reasons to Schedule Seasonal Plumbing and Air Conditioning Inspections We’ve all heard horror stories of people whose air conditioning systems have failed in the middle of summer or their water heater bursts, pipes clog, or some other plumbing catastrophe occurs when it’s most inconvenient. But if you’re proactive and have those systems checked regularly, you […]