How To Get the Smell Out Of Your Garbage Disposal

smelly garbage disposal

Fountain Hills homeowners! Does your garbage disposal stink? Don’t worry, while it might not be a popular question to ask, a smelly garbage disposal isn’t uncommon. If your garbage disposal fails the sniff test, you’re in luck. Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling has information to help get your garbage disposal smelling fresh again in no time. […]

How To Prevent Slow and Clogged Drains


Hey there, Fountain Hills friends! Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling here to talk about a not-so-fun topic but an important one: clogged drains. Nobody wants to deal with a plumbing emergency, and one of the best ways to avoid it is by preventing slow and clogged drains in the first place.  Ways You Can Prevent Slow […]

What to Do if You Have a Burst Pipe in Your Plumbing

burst pipe plumbing

The unlucky experience of a burst pipe can be very damaging. It can also be expensive. Some might even say it’s a race against time. It’s true. Time can quickly become your greatest enemy. There’s no need to get overwhelmed with the idea of tackling a broken pipe. Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling offers the following information […]

Toilet Running Constantly? How to Stop It

toilet running constantly

Ever been driven to distraction by the relentless sound of a constantly running toilet? This disconcerting, insistent rush of water is not only disruptive, but it can also play havoc with your water bill and the environment. Fortunately, with a touch of homegrown expertise from Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling, you can navigate your way out […]

The Most Common Culprits of a Leaky Faucet

Understanding the Common Causes of a Leaky Faucet: A leaky faucet can be a nuisance and if overlooked, may result in significant water waste, high water bills and maybe even water damage inside your home. To help you know what to look for, this blog addresses several key factors that can lead to this universal […]

Common Plumbing Problems in Older Arizona Homes

In the charming setting of Fountain Hills, Arizona, many homes boast a unique blend of modern-day living and classic architecture. However, homeowners in our picturesque town often face certain common plumbing issues, typical in older constructions. Common Plumbing Problems If your Arizona home is plagued by any of the following plumbing issues, don’t panic. Shadrach […]

Should You Get a Whole House Water Filtration System?

water filtration system

Should You Get a Whole House Water Filtration System? Fountain Hills, Arizona, is known for its picturesque views and hot weather, but it’s also known for having some of the hardest water in the country. Hard water is caused by high levels of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, in the water. While hard water […]

What You Should Not Put Down Your Kitchen Drain

kitchen drain clogged

What You Should Not Put Down Your Kitchen Drain Keeping your kitchen drain clean and free from clogs is essential to maintain the health and hygiene of your home. However, many people unknowingly put items down their kitchen drain that can lead to blockages, costly repairs and damage to the plumbing system. In this blog, […]

3 Reasons Your Dishwasher Is Leaking & How to Fix It

3 Reason Your Dishwasher Is Leaking & How to Fix It

3 Reasons Your Dishwasher Is Leaking & How to Fix It There are a few reasons why your dishwasher is leaking. Whatever the cause, before attempting a repair, it’s important that the source of the leak be identified to avoid causing greater damage to the appliance or the surrounding area. Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling has […]

Common Problems With Water Heaters & Their Solutions

common water heater problems

Ask any homeowner in the Fountain Hills, AZ area or anywhere else in modern society how they feel about their home’s water heater, and you’ll quickly discover its importance. Water heaters provide hot water for bathing, cooking and cleaning, making them an essential asset to happy and healthy living. If you have a water heater […]

Water Softeners – Treat Hard Water In Arizona

Water Softeners - Treat Hard Water In Arizona

Water Softeners – How to Treat Hard Water in Arizona Hard water is a common issue in Arizona due to the high mineral content in the water. These minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium, can cause problems such as clogged pipes, damaged appliances and even dry skin and hair. Fortunately, a water softener installation is an […]

What Not To Flush Down Your Toilet

toilet clogged? what not to flush down it

What Not to Flush Down Your Toilet Flushing certain items down your toilet can cause serious problems with your home’s plumbing system and for the environment. To avoid a clogged toilet, protect your plumbing and be a good ambassador over our planet, it’s essential to know what not to flush. Here are some of the […]

 How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

reverse osmosis

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?  Reverse osmosis (RO) uses pressure to remove dissolved salts, minerals and other contaminants from water, making it safe for drinking, cooking or other uses. It is a commonly used process in water treatment and desalination, especially in areas where water sources are limited or contaminated. The basic principle of RO […]

Best Water Purification Systems For Your Fountain Hills Home

best water purification system

Best Water Purification Systems Fountain Hills, Arizona is known for its hot and dry climate, which means the water supply can contain high levels of minerals, including calcium, magnesium and iron, as well as other impurities such as bacteria, viruses and chemicals. To ensure you have access to safe and clean drinking water, it’s essential […]

How to Protect Outdoor Faucets Against Cold Weather

outdoor faucets and cold weather

How to Protect Outdoor Faucets Against Cold Weather Outdoor faucets are an essential part of any property in Arizona. Whether for watering flower or vegetable gardens or having the capability of easily washing outdoor items, such as cars or lawn furniture, every home probably has at least one outdoor faucet. During the colder months when […]

How to Handle Plumbing Emergency Before Plumber Arrives

plumbing emergency

How to Handle a Plumbing Emergency Before the Plumber Arrives Handling a plumbing emergency can be a daunting task, especially if you are not familiar with plumbing basics. However, by taking a few simple steps, you can minimize the damage and make the situation more manageable until a plumber arrives. Turn off the water supply: […]

How to Tell If It’s Time For a Water Heater Replacement

water heater replacement

How to Tell if It’s Time for a Water Heater Replacement  Every home has a water heater and most likely it’s used every day for bathing, laundry and general cleaning. However, like all appliances, water heaters eventually need to be replaced. Knowing when it’s time for a water heater replacement can save you money and […]

What Happens If I Don’t Fix a Slab Leak?

concrete slab leak

What Happens If I Don’t Fix a Slab Leak? All homes are built on foundations having either full basements or crawl spaces or on concrete slabs. If your house is on a concrete slab, your water supply and drain lines are located within the concrete. While the pipes aren’t directly exposed to the elements, they […]

What To Do If Garbage Disposal Is Humming & Not Grinding

garbage disposal humming

What to Do if Your Garbage Disposal Is Humming & Not Grinding If you’ve grown accustomed to having a garbage disposal in your home, chances are you feel the loss when it’s not operating as it should. When operated appropriately, a garbage disposal helps to reduce the amount of trash landing in local landfills. A […]

Who’s Responsible for Sewer Line Repairs In Fountain Hills?

Sewer Line Repairs In Fountain Hills

Who’s Responsible for Sewer Line Repairs in Fountain Hills? You could need a plumber in Fountain Hills, Arizona for any number of things, such as a water heater repair or replacement, water softener installation or a toilet or other plumbing fixture repair. Homeowners are responsible for costs incurred for needed plumbing repairs inside the house. […]

How Often Should You Have Your Plumbing Inspected?

How Often Should You Have Your Plumbing Inspected

How Often Should You Have Your Plumbing Inspected? When considering home maintenance projects, most homeowners probably don’t think about having a plumbing inspection. Like HVAC equipment, the plumbing system inside your home is intricate and has many components, most of which are never given a second thought. That is, until there’s a problem.  It’s a […]

4 Reasons Your Garbage Disposal May Smell Foul

Reasons Garbage Disposal Smells Foul

Your home’s garbage disposal is an appliance you may have a love-hate relationship with. They’re wonderful for helping to reduce household waste, thus helping to keep our landfills less full. The garbage disposal can be a quick and easy way to clean up after enjoying a wonderful meal with family and friends. But if you […]

What To Do If You Notice Signs of a Leaking Water Heater

What To Do If You Notice Signs of a Leaking Water Heater

What To Do If You Notice Signs of a Leaking Water Heater Between showers, baths, dishes and laundry, your home’s water heater gets a workout. The first rule when discerning if you have a leaking water heater, and where the source may be, is to not panic. The water could simply be condensation forming on […]

Unclogging a Severely Clogged Sink Drain – The Dos and Don’ts

Unclogging a Severely Clogged Sink Drain

We’ve all been there. You’re cleaning up the kitchen and while you’re rinsing the sink, the water flows slower and slower until it stops draining altogether. There is nothing worse than a clogged sink drain when you’re trying to get things done! So, what should you do if you have a severely clogged sink drain?  Well […]

Common Plumbing Issues & How To Fix Them

Common Plumbing Issues & How To Fix Them

Fountain Hills area homeowners know plumbing problems come in many shapes and sizes. You can have something like a clogged faucet aerator or a sewer line break. Whatever your plumbing needs, one choice that can make all the difference is having a dedicated and dependable company you can count on to be there. It doesn’t […]

Leaking Water Heater? When To Call a Plumber

Leaking Water Heater? When To Call a Plumber

Leaking Water Heater? When To Call a Plumber A leaking water heater can cause a lot of headaches. Not to mention increased water bills. While toilets and pipes are the most common, water heater leaks are a likely source of wasted water, accounting for about 90 gallons lost every day in 10% of American homes. […]

Tank Vs. Tankless Water Heaters – Which is Right For Your Home?

Tank or Tankless Water Heater

Which Is Best for Your Sun Valley Home? Tankless or Tank Water Heater? Tank water heaters, commonly known as storage tank water heaters, have been the most frequently used since Edward Ruud invented the first automatic storage water heater in 1889. Before then people relied on fire or hot springs to provide hot water for bathing […]

What’s a Recirculating Pump & Why Your Fountain Hills Home May Needs One

Recirculating Pump Services From Shadrach

Hot Water Recirculating Pumps: What Are They & Why You May Need One If it seems you’re always waiting for water to get hot at the faucet or shower, you may want to consider a water recirculating pump for your Fountain Hills or Sun Valley area home. Running excessive water is not only wasteful, increasing the […]

DIY Hacks to Try Before Calling a Plumber

plumber fountain hills, az

Some plumbing challenges can be handled by most homeowners in Fountain Hills without calling a licensed plumber. However, should you have a major water leak, stoppage or a burst water heater, the expert plumbers at Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling have the skills and knowledge to fix your problem quickly and efficiently.  If you want to […]

Water Softeners vs. Water Conditioners – What’s the Difference?

water softeners

Some consumers may mistakenly use the terms water softener and water conditioner interchangeably. While there may be some similarities between the two, they have different functions and applications. In the Fountain Hills area of the Valley of the Sun, water conditioning is important, but a water softener may be a better choice for you.  First, […]

Why Plumbing Inspections Are Important

plumber fountain hills

Most would agree that it’s smart to have a home’s plumbing system inspected before making an offer to purchase. What you might not know is that regular plumbing inspections are always a great idea. If you’re proactive and have drain pipes, water lines and fixtures inspected regularly, you’ll possibly avoid the unexpected burst water heater, […]

Plumber or DIY? How to Determine How Serious Your Plumbing Issue Is

plumber in fountain hill, AZ area

Clogged drains or toilets, leaky faucets or pipes, low water pressure or water heater issues are the most typical plumbing challenges homeowners face. Each of these problems has a unique solution, and the variables in every situation may also be many. So how can a homeowner in Fountain Hills know whether he or she should […]

Steps to Take When Your Toilet Won’t Stop Running

toilet wont stop running? Call Shadrach

4 Things to Do Immediately If Your Toilet Won’t Stop Running Even the most well-maintained home can experience a plumbing emergency from time to time. If you’re unlucky enough to find yourself with a toilet that won’t stop running, it can be costly, frustrating and inconvenient. Because it’s using water continuously, a toilet that won’t […]

Inspections on Your Plumbing & Air Conditioning System

air conditioning system and plumbing inspections from shadrach

Reasons to Schedule Seasonal Plumbing and Air Conditioning Inspections We’ve all heard horror stories of people whose air conditioning systems have failed in the middle of summer or their water heater bursts, pipes clog, or some other plumbing catastrophe occurs when it’s most inconvenient. But if you’re proactive and have those systems checked regularly, you […]

How to Find a Local Plumber That You Can Trust

local plumbers from Shadrach

Choosing the Best Local Plumber for Repairs and Maintenance When Fountain Hills, AZ homeowners need plumbing maintenance or repairs done in their homes, choosing the best one can be daunting. Who should you trust? What if they do a poor job, and your plumbing ends up costing even more in the long run? Here are […]

How To Fix A Clogged Water Heater?

water heater

When folks think about common plumbing problems the first thing that likely comes to mind is a clogged drain. Do you know where else clogs are a problem? Inside the water heater in your Fountain Hills, AZ home. It’s holding roughly 50 gallons of water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so it’s […]

How To Get the Smell Out Of Your Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal

The last thing you want as the holidays approach is a garbage disposal that causes guests to wrinkle their noses. Don’t worry, if your disposal fails to pass the sniff test Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling assures you, you’re not alone. A bad-smelling garbage disposal is not unusual. Solving the problem starts with identifying the smell […]

Scary Plumbing Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

Scary plumbing

It’s that time of year. Soon the air will be filled with the frightening screams associated with ghosts and goblins. The good thing about Halloween is most of those frightening sounds are make-believe. That’s not always the case when the sounds are coming from the plumbing in your Fountain Hills, AZ home. Shadrach Plumbing & […]