Who’s Responsible for Sewer Line Repairs In Fountain Hills?

Sewer Line Repairs In Fountain Hills

Who’s Responsible for Sewer Line Repairs in Fountain Hills?

You could need a plumber in Fountain Hills, Arizona for any number of things, such as a water heater repair or replacement, water softener installation or a toilet or other plumbing fixture repair. Homeowners are responsible for costs incurred for needed plumbing repairs inside the house. Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling employs skilled plumbers who can handle any of these plumbing challenges, and more (including sewer line repairs).

Who do you call when you need a sewer line repair? Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling is the company to call for any sewer line issues, too. The real question is…

When You Need A Sewer Line Repair, Who Is Responsible?

For sewer line problems, the location of the issue is the key factor when determining who is financially responsible for the repair. 

For example, if there are sewer odors inside your home, you need a licensed plumber. Call Shadrach. The vents and drains will be inspected by one of our plumbers. If they determine the smell isn’t coming from either possible source, then the Fountain Hills Sanitary District will be notified to schedule an inspection of the main sewer line that serves your location.

If you need a sewer line repair anywhere from the property line up to where the sewer line enters the home, the homeowner is the financially responsible party. 

Some actions that can be done by homeowners to keep sewer lines open are:

  • Before planting any trees and shrubs, locate your sewer line. Some roots are quite invasive and, over time, are a death sentence for sewer lines.
  • Be aware of any easements to service sewer lines or manholes that may be on your property. These are public property and need to be clear of all plantings and structures.
  • Be cautious of what is flushed down the toilet. Grease, toys, personal hygiene products, and the like are not for the toilet or the sewer line.

If the plumber determines the sewer line is broken or collapsed in the public right-of-way, then the Fountain Hills Sanitary District will be notified, and the repair will be made according to the locale’s ordinances.

Don’t fret over needed sewer line repairs or any other plumbing problem. Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling serves every customer to the highest degree, and we’ll help you, too.

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