Heat Pump or Furnace? What’s Best In Fountain Hills, AZ?

Heat Pump or Furnace

Heat Pump or Furnace? What’s Best In Fountain Hills, AZ?

Since Arizona winters tend to be mild, either an electric heat pump or a furnace is a good choice for heating your Fountain Hills area home. Many homes in the Valley of the Sun have natural gas, so a natural gas furnace is a good option, and one we should explore.

Heat pumps and furnaces are popular home-heating choices, and like all things there are both pros and cons. Other considerations aside, the one you choose may come down to what heating and cooling equipment you already have in your home and personal preferences. 

Pros & Cons of Heat Pumps vs. Gas Furnaces

Natural Gas Furnace Advantages:

Natural Gas Furnace Disadvantages:

  • Natural gas furnaces are usually costlier to install. Lower operating costs may offset this concern.
  • Natural gas produces carbon monoxide, making a carbon monoxide detector vitally necessary for your home.
  • A furnace provides heat only, so a separate cooling unit will be needed in Arizona.

Heat Pump Advantages:

Heat Pump Disadvantages:

  • Because it provides both heat and cool, there’s more wear on components, making bi-annual maintenance vitally important.
  • Often, electricity is a more expensive energy source, so operating costs may be higher.
  • Since a heat pump blows transferred heat around the indoors, some occupants may be uncomfortable.

Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling has the expertise and knowledge to help you decide which home-heating option is best for your needs and the layout and design of your home. Call our office today to schedule a no-cost consultation with one of Shadrach’s Comfort Specialists.