Do you have standing water in your shower? Is your sink draining slower than usual? Is your toilet overflowing? Sounds like your drain is clogged! When store bought plungers and snakes can’t fix the clog, it’s time to call the professionals at Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling. Shadrach’s licensed plumbers are ready to handle even the most challenging drain cleaning jobs. Their top-of-the-line hydro jetter and cables are capable of removing grease, hair, food, soap, grime, tree roots and any other unwanted items and/or build-up from your home’s drains.

Put the chemicals down! The aisles of your local convenience store offer a wide variety of chemicals that claim to remedy clogged drains. What they don’t mention is that they are a short-term fix, merely poking a hole in your drain’s build-up and relieving enough pressure to buy you some time before your next clog begins. They also don’t mention the harmful effects that such chemicals can have on your pipes and bathroom fixtures. Those chemicals eat away at all surfaces, not just the ones causing your clog.  

Shadrach plumbers remedy your clogged drains the first time without the damaging effects of chemicals by utilizing a sewer machine using cables. In fact, they offer a complimentary drain camera inspection with every drain cleaning, ensuring that the clog is indeed cleared. When you choose Shadrach, you choose peace-of-mind that your home and its essential systems are in good hands!

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