How to Winterize Air Conditioning Units In Arizona

Winterize Air Conditioning Units Arizona

Should You Winterize Air Conditioning Units In Arizona?

Many non-residents of the Valley of the Sun assume we have warm to super-hot temperatures all the time. Here in the Fountain Hills area, we know something they don’t. Their assumption is false! We may not be blanketed under mounds of snow, but it does get cold, and we need to be ready. That may include winterizing your air conditioning units before temperatures drop.

Now is the time to turn our attention to preparing our homes for those falling temperatures. Careful planning and preparation are important, including winterizing AC units. 

Prepping Your Arizona AC for Winter

  • The first step, before you do anything else, is to make sure the power is off to the AC unit. If it’s powered by its own breaker, toggle the main power switch to the off position. This ensures your safety while you’re winterizing and prevents any electricity from flowing into the unit while it’s not being used.

If your AC shares a breaker with any other necessary appliances, remember to turn it back on after the AC maintenance tasks.

  • Remove any twigs and grass clippings from around the outdoor unit to prevent debris and dirt from getting inside the case. Also, trim shrubbery that is growing too close to the unit and clean any gutters that may be overhead.
  • Gently hose off the outside unit and wipe off any bird droppings or other visible dirt.
  • Cover exposed pipes with foam pipe insulation, which you can find at your favorite home improvement retailer. Be sure to choose the diameter that matches your pipes.
  • While some sources suggest fully covering the unit, this is unnecessary and harmful over time. If the AC unit fully covered, mold and mildew could grow causing another set of home comfort issues. If there is extreme weather, such as snow, in the forecast, you may cover the top of the unit during the event. Remove the cover when the harsh weather has passed. 
  • If your indoor return vents serve only the AC unit, and not the furnace, close them.

Call Shadrach To Help With Winterizing Your Air Conditioning Unit

These relatively simple tasks should never replace regular AC maintenance. To keep your AC unit ready and running at its best, schedule an AC system tune-up before you’re ready to turn it back on in the spring. 

If you’re unable to tackle this vital task yourself, call Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling today to schedule an appointment. Your AC will be winterized, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your AC maintenance has been completed by professionals who guarantee your complete satisfaction.