Garbage Disposal Issues? Avoid Putting These Down the Drain

garbage disposal issues

Items and Waste to Avoid Putting Down the Garbage Disposal

Whether you are a new or experienced homeowner, taking care of your plumbing is essential. In this article, we outline five items that you should never put in the garbage disposal. If you live in Fountain Hills, Arizona, and are experiencing a garbage disposal issue, contact our team at Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling.

Grease and Oil

Even though grease looks like a liquid, it is not safe to put it in your garbage disposal or drain. As the grease cools, it will harden, leaving it at risk of clogging your pipes. Small amounts of grease may go down the disposal from time to time, but it should be avoided when possible.

Certain Foods

There’s a long list of foods that should not go down your garbage disposal. Fibrous vegetables are good for you, but their peels are horrible for the garbage disposal. Peels are often so thin that they can pass between the blades of your garbage disposal. If the peel makes its way down your drain, it can eventually clog it.

On the other hand, foods like pasta, rice, potatoes, and bread become mushy when placed in the garbage disposal. It is difficult for the pile of mush to pass down your drain easily, causing a clog.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds don’t dissolve in water like most foods. Instead, they clump together. While they might pass through the garbage disposal easily, the buildup of grounds farther down your drain may cause bigger problems like slow drainage or a clog.

Cat Litter

Cat litter is similar in texture to coffee grounds and should not be put down the garbage disposal. The sand-like texture of the litter will make it clump together when wet. When this happens, your drain will become clogged.


Garbage disposals work by using sharp blades to break down food scraps. Bones, however, are typically too hard to be crushed. Thus, there’s a high likelihood that a bone will become jammed and cause the appliance to malfunction.

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