It’s Spring! Get A Headstart With AC Maintenance

ac maintenance

It’s Spring! Get A Headstart With AC Maintenance Ask any AC manufacturer, or trusted AC professional: Annual AC maintenance is vital to the overall operation of every AC unit. But did you know that neglecting inspections, cleaning and tune-ups for your AC can also lead to problems that may affect the health and safety of […]

Do Ductless Mini Splits Need Servicing

Do Ductless Mini Splits Need Servicing

Do Ductless Mini Splits Need Servicing? Ductless mini-splits, also known as ductless heat pumps or mini-split systems, are a type of heating and cooling system that do not require ductwork. They consist of an outdoor unit, which contains the compressor and condenser, and one or more indoor units, which contain the evaporator and air handling […]

3 Reasons to Change Your Air Filters Every Month

changing air filters every month

Dust is a real problem in the Fountain Hills and the surrounding Sun Valley. While many areas of the U.S. brace for snow, ice, hurricanes or other extreme weather events, we’re plagued with ‘walls of dust.’ This reason alone is enough to regularly change the filter in your HVAC system. Regular HVAC maintenance performed by […]

How to Prepare Your Heating System for the Winter


How to Prepare Your Heating System for Winter Any HVAC retailer, manufacturer, or installer will tell you regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance benefits your entire system and will keep the components in good operating order. Even more, many HVAC equipment manufacturers require regular cooling and heating maintenance to keep the warranties valid. For the best outcome, […]

It’s National Fire Prevention Week – Get Your Furnace Checked!

furnace maintenance from Shadrach

It’s National Fire Prevention Week – Why Furnace Maintenance is Vital For Your Home It’s National Fire Prevention Week. Because we take pride in faithfully serving our customers to the highest degree, Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling is reminding you to get your furnace maintenance scheduled now. Even though winters in the Fountain Hills, Arizona are […]

Why Indoor Air Quality Is Important in Arizona

Why Indoor Air Quality Is Important in Arizona

The dense population of the Sun Valley, Arizona area increases air pollution. In 2020, Phoenix ranked fourth among highly populated U.S. cities for the worst outdoor air. Couple that with the prime breeding conditions of sun and heat for volatile organic compounds and you see the need for indoor air quality testing.  Indoor air quality […]

Why Changing Your Air Filters In Your AZ Home Is Important

Why Changing Your Air Filters In Your AZ Home Is Important

Why It’s Important to Change the Air Filters In Your AZ Home The Fountain Hills area gets hot, hot, hot during the summer months. Your home AC works overtime to keep you and your loved ones cool and comfortable. And when the temperatures outside are maxing out the thermometer, let’s face it, we’re staying inside […]

Reasons Why HVAC Maintenance Plans Are Worth It

Shadrach HVAC Maintenance Plans

Heating and cooling your home are important and necessary for the overall comfort and safety of the occupants in the Sun Valley area. We love the Arizona sunshine, but without properly running HVAC equipment, the desert heat would be unbearable. Just as people take steps to stay healthy so their bodies perform at their best […]

How to Prevent Mold from Developing in Your HVAC System

no more mold in your hvac system

5 Ways to Prevent Mold Growth In Your HVAC System Mold spores are everywhere indoors and outdoors. The problem occurs when there are more spores present inside than there are outside. When mold has the perfect environment: food source (dust and dirt), high levels of moisture and ideal temperature, it will thrive. Since it’s nearly […]

How To Fix A Clogged Water Heater?

water heater

When folks think about common plumbing problems the first thing that likely comes to mind is a clogged drain. Do you know where else clogs are a problem? Inside the water heater in your Fountain Hills, AZ home. It’s holding roughly 50 gallons of water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so it’s […]