Most Energy-Efficient Heating Solutions For Winter

energy efficient heating solutions

The Best Energy-Efficient Heating Solutions for an Arizona Winter

Some believe if you live in Arizona you never need to worry about a heating option during the winter months. It stays toasty warm all the time, right?  Those of us who live in the Fountain Hills area know that even though we’re blessed to have abundant sunshine, we still have cold nights when something to keep you cozy and comfortable is needed. In the Valley of the Sun, what are the most energy-efficient heating solutions?

In our area, natural or LP gas or electricity are the two sources of power for heating, making the gas furnace or electric heat pump the two most viable heating solutions. Both are good choices. Both have advantages and disadvantages for homeowners. Choosing which is best for you requires taking several considerations into account.


It’s possible to purchase a gas furnace in Fountain Hills with an AFUE rating of up to 95%. That means that 95% of the energy consumed by the furnace is turned into heat for your home. Compared to older models that have an AFUE as low as 60% or the current federal minimum which is 80%. 

Gas prices are typically lower than electricity, making a gas furnace an attractive choice for many. On average, the cost to install a gas furnace is typically lower than a heat pump.

As for the downsides to a gas furnace, you get heat only, so you’ll also need an air conditioning unit for the warmer months. Gas is typically considered to be the least favorable for the environment compared to a heat pump.


Heat pumps may cost more upfront than a furnace, but with its versatility to both heat and cool, you get more bang for your buck. Heat pumps use electricity, considered to be a cleaner energy source. 

The biggest disadvantage is the higher cost to operate since heat pumps run on electricity.


Whether you choose a heat pump or furnace depends on your specific circumstances. To learn more about either as an energy-efficient heating solution, contact Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling. Our Comfort Specialists are trained to evaluate your home’s size and layout and what you currently have for heating and cooling. We can offer options and help you choose the energy-efficient heating solution that works best for your home and budget.

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