How Ductless Mini Splits Can Be Used for Heat & AC

How Ductless Mini Splits Can Be Used for Heat & AC

Can Ductless Mini-Splits Be Used for Heat & AC?

Ductless mini-splits are a wonderful solution as either the primary heat for a home or as a supplement to other heating sources. They are appropriate for both commercial and residential HVAC applications and are an economical choice with a relatively easy installation process.

Mini-splits require no ductwork, so they are perfect for home additions or remodels where installing ductwork isn’t feasible. Because the ductless mini-split is a form of heat pump, it is able to provide cool air to indoor spaces, too. 

Ever improving HVAC technology has made the ductless mini-split a competitive and versatile option for many American homeowners, regardless of location. 


In the winter, the ductless mini-split removes cold air from the inside space and transfers it outdoors. During warmer months, the opposite occurs, and warm air is transferred outside. The ability of the mini-split to provide all-season comfort is the cherry on top for versatility.

Because the indoor mini-split components are installed inside individual rooms, the mini-split can tailor the indoor environment to the specific desires of the occupant(s). Additionally, some ductless mini-splits are intuitive, meaning they heat or cool only when the room is occupied. This feature can greatly reduce overall energy costs.

Outdoors, the compressor/condensing unit takes care of the exchange of pressurized air through a small pipe that runs to the indoor unit via an exterior wall. The outdoor unit can handle up to four indoor units and can be located up to 50 feet away from the farthest one.

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