When temperatures drop, Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling has you covered. Our professional comfort consultants have the information you need to chose the best heating or HVAC system to keep your Fountain Hills or Sun Valley home warm, all season long.


The average lifespan of a regularly maintained comfort system is 15-20 years. As they age, heating components get less efficient and use more energy to maintain an optimum indoor temperature. Ensure you’re getting maximum comfort from your comfort equipment, call Shadrach today for a heating system assessment.

Because our winter weather is mild, home and business owners in the Fountain Hills area of the Sun Valley have choices when deciding on the heating system that will meet their needs. The most common are:


If natural gas is an available energy source for your area, it’s generally the most economical and is very efficient. Propane is another gas option but requires a tank that must be regularly refilled. Many furnaces can be converted to utilize propane, which may make it a viable option for you.

NOTE: Propane can be more expensive than natural gas and is typically more sensitive to market price fluctuations.  


If natural gas isn’t an option, and you don’t want to consider using propane to heat your Fountain Hills, AZ home, an electric air source heat pump is a very efficient and affordable form of electric heat. By its nature, it is a kind of renewable energy technology. This type of heat pump uses warm outside air to heat the air inside. Even if it’s freezing outside, the electric source heat pump can do its job, making it more efficient than a traditional electric furnace or any type of electric baseboard heat.


The ductless mini-split is a great option to use for heating where an air duct delivery system is not present in the space needing heat. This heating source causes confusion for some because it may also be referred to as an air conditioner, which is partially true. Because the ductless mini-split uses heat pump technology, this versatile component can provide heat when it’s cold outside and cooling during the warmer months. Since the mini-split doesn’t require ductwork, the warm air is delivered to specific rooms through air handlers usually mounted on the wall. Multiple air handlers (also called splits or heads) can be connected to a single outdoor compressor. Mini-splits are also an outstanding option for heating a garage or new addition that isn’t connected to the existing central heating system.