Why is Your AC Unit On the Roof in Arizona?

ac unit on the roof-ac unit arizona

Air conditioning is a non-negotiable necessity in the sunbaked regions of Arizona. With temperatures often soaring well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the cool relief provided by an AC unit is crucial for comfort. A unique feature of Arizona’s residential and commercial structures is the placement of these AC units – you will often find them perched on rooftops. At first glance, this might seem unusual, but the reasons behind this architectural design decision are deeply rooted in the environmental and functional aspects of the region.

Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling offers the following reasons why AC units are often located on rooftops.

Why Your AC Unit Is On The Roof Of Your AZ Home:

Firstly, the motive for this arrangement is driven by the need to protect the equipment from dust and debris. Arizona’s desert environment is synonymous with dust storms and strong winds. Elevating the AC units prevents excessive accumulation of dust and dirt. This could clog the system, impair performance and lead to frequent costly maintenance. 

Secondly, the rooftop placement enables optimal performance by improving air circulation and heat dispersion. As we all know, heat rises, which means that it’s easier for the system to extract heat from the house and vent it out into the open sky, as opposed to a more restricted ground level.

Then there is the matter of space efficiency. Ground space is a premium asset, especially in more densely populated urban areas. Placing AC units on the roofs frees up valuable yard space. This allows homeowners to utilize the ground area for landscaping, gardening or recreational use.

Sound management is another benefit. AC units, especially older ones, can be quite noisy. Having them installed on the roof helps minimize the noise pollution, making the environment more pleasant and peaceful for everyone.

Lastly, roof installations may facilitate easier connection to the ductwork in some building architectures. For these structures, rooftop AC units can be more energy-efficient. As they avoid the need for long duct runs, which can lead to heat losses and reduced efficiency.

Strategy behind rooftop AC units

In conclusion, the strategy of placing AC units on roofs in Arizona is a prime example of environmental and functional adaptation. This architectural design choice ensures that the units operate optimally and efficiently. Despite seeming unusual to some, this method provides a valuable case study in building and HVAC design adapting to regional considerations.

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