How Heat Pumps Work in Cold Weather

How Heat Pumps Work in Cold Weather

How Heat Pumps Work in Cold Weather

Heat pumps are a versatile and energy-efficient option for home comfort in any season, whether the middle of a Fountain Hills summer or during our brisk winter nights. Because they operate off electricity, they are both economical and a clean energy source. For these reasons, many homeowners are turning to them for their year-round home comfort.

Heat pump cooling efficiency is measured in SEER or seasonal energy efficiency ratio, which is the ratio of the cooling output divided by the energy used by the unit. The measurement for heating is heating season performance factor (HSPF). It’s basically the SEER rating for winter. 

The minimum SEER for the Southwestern U.S. is increasing to 15 in 2023. Since our area needs air conditioning more than heat, the SEER rating is the most important measurement when looking at them. With our winter lows rarely falling lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the one you choose with the most efficient SEER will have no challenges in keeping you warm in the colder months. 


It doesn’t generate heat or cool air on its own. The general concept of heat pump technology is that it exchanges air using an outdoor unit, refrigerant lines and an indoor unit. During the warmer months, the hot air inside is removed to the outside. In the winter, the reverse occurs. Heat is absorbed from the outside and moved inside to warm your home.

The outdoor heat pump unit pulls the warm air from the outside. Using compressed refrigerant and fans, the heated air is blown into the house via ductwork. The exception is with ductless mini-split heat pumps, which require no ducts and can be used to provide all-season comfort in individual rooms. 

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