Get Rid of Allergens in Your Home – Pros of Air Quality Testing

indoor air quality testing

There are many reasons the air you’re breathing inside your home isn’t great. A few common causes of poor indoor air quality are pet dander, dust and dust mites, and mold. Sometimes pollen even makes its way inside your home. Pollen is seasonal but breathing the other culprits may affect you and your loved ones all year long. 

What’s The Big Deal?

Why should homeowners in the Fountain Hills area be concerned if their indoor air contains any of these allergens? Studies show that short term exposure may cause headaches, nausea, red, itchy or watery eyes, dizziness, fatigue and even confusion. Over the long run, poor indoor air quality increases the risk for mood changes, neurological conditions, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, and possibly cancer. 

Why Does Indoor Air Quality Testing Matter?

Because Americans spend a large portion of time indoors, it’s vital that indoor air is pure for optimal health and overall well-being. The only way to ensure your home’s environment contains the healthiest air possible, is with air quality testing. Indoor air quality testing will detect unwanted indoor pollutants that make indoor air dirty and maybe even toxic. Cleaner, purer air may possibly improve your overall indoor environment, leading to a better quality of life. You and your loved ones will breathe easier and also lower the risk of exposure to illnesses and chronic conditions.

What Should We Do About Indoor Air Quality Testing?

To ensure your indoor environment is the best it can be, schedule a professional from Shadrach Plumbing & Cooling to conduct comprehensive indoor air quality testing. Good air quality testing can reveal the level of allergens inside your home, providing valuable information for the best solutions for your specific challenges. Don’t delay. Call Shadrach today. We’re faithfully serving our customers to the highest degree every day.